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Grow Your Bottom Line with a SaaS Sales Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become one of the most innovative digital product categories. For businesses that are spending their daily efforts to produce the best SaaS solutions possible for their customers, fielding customer support calls and qualifying leads can feel like a daunting task. 


This is where a premium outsource contact center partner can help you scale your operations. 


By investing in a call center with a team trained to answer customer questions specific to your business, you can save time and boost your in-house productivity exponentially. Here are 5 key benefits that a premium outsource team like ours can provide for your SaaS sales operations:

Productive Customer Communications

Countless offshore call centers exist to handle bulk-volume communications. However, how many of them are staffed with teams that invest the time to learn how your business operates or how your SaaS products work? With these big-box services, you save money, but in doing so, you also lose quality. 


With tools like search engines and social media at their disposal, customers call your business armed with more information than ever before. This means that your outsource call center must possess a sophisticated working knowledge of your business.       


A premium call center partner will invest the time and resources to understand how your SaaS products work and how they benefit your target customers. This results in a more fruitful and productive communication experience for your customers and prevents friction during your support process

Brand Validation 

In the digital marketplace, many SaaS businesses are often competing for the same group of customers. When a user has to decide between your product and your competitors, the brand experience can differentiate who wins the sale. 


By having a brand-informed call center team on your side, your brand appears more credible and validated from the customer perspective. This helps foster and grow presale trust between your company and audiences you are targeting. 

Streamlining SaaS Sales

An outsource call center team that is as invested in your success as you are also dedicates time to integrate with your order fulfillment process. Teams like the one we’ve built at Sage can play an integral role in ensuring that your customer experiences timely order completion and delivery without you having to manually oversee each step of the buyer’s journey. 


Streamlining your sales process removes a major responsibility from your day-to-day tasklist and creates a better environment for customer success. The sooner they can complete an order and start using your products, the better that customer can realize the benefits of the incredible SaaS product you’ve developed. 

Qualifying Leads

Without the internet, your SaaS business would struggle to generate new leads at the volume you do. However, not all leads are equally qualified. While you will encounter many who are eager to buy your product, spam filters also exist for a reason. 



A high-end call center team can manage the pre-sale process for you. This way, you are not spending valuable time speaking to the wrong contacts who may have no intention to purchase your products. Instead, you don’t have to pause your core operations and can maximize your time talking to only those with an active interest in your products or services. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction 

You developed your SaaS product to enhance the way your target customer operates their own business or personal life. Because of this, you also want to ensure they remain as satisfied with your product as possible. 


What’s worse than a customer calling your business and speaking to someone who cannot help them beyond redirecting their calls or having to talk to a robot that cannot answer complex questions? This only leads to more headaches instead of a winning solution. 


Customer satisfaction drives the pace at which you can scale your business. It remains central to helping improve your brand’s visibility, perception, and marketability among your target audiences; which all contribute to your ability to generate revenue. 


By partnering with a call center that treats your business as their own, you can entrust these central operations to qualified outsource partners that will work to improve the customer experience on a daily basis. This results in a more engaged customer base that is more likely to remain in contact with your business and more willing to make repeat purchases. 

Improve Your SaaS Sales Process with the Sage Team


Like you, we want to help your business succeed. We accomplish this by staffing our call center teams with people who are as interested in your SaaS products as you are. To start streamlining your sales and boosting your bottom line results, contact us anytime for more information. 

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